Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
Culture and Expressions of Belief Pilgrim Theological College AH/DE2102P/8102P Semester Two 2022
Burritt, Amanda
Introduction to New Testament Greek A Pilgrim Theological College AL1100P/ AL8100P Semester One 2022
Chen, Sunny
Philosophy for understanding theology Pilgrim Theological College AP1000P / AP8000P Semester One 2022
Martis, John
Greek sources of western thought Pilgrim Theological College AP2720P / AP2729P / AP3720P / AP3729P / AP9720P / AP9729P Semester One 2022
Martis, John
Understanding Religion in Australian Society Pilgrim Theological College AR9000T Semester One 2022
Jennings, Mark
Life, History and the People of God in the Hebrew Scriptures Pilgrim Theological College BA1010P/ 2010P/ 8010P Semester One 2022
Havea, Jione
Kolia, Brian
Gender, justice, empire: Contextual readings of the Old Testament Pilgrim Theological College BA2040P / BA2049P / BA3040P / BA3049P / BA9040P Semester One 2022
Melanchthon, Monica
The book of Revelation evil empire and eschatology Pilgrim Theological College BN3130P/ BN9130P Semester One 2022
Whitaker, Robyn
Radical legacies: Faith, activism and social change Pilgrim Theological College CH2060P/ CH3060P/ CH9060P Semester One 2022
Handasyde, Kerrie
Discernment and authority in Christian tradition Pilgrim Theological College CH3010P/ 9010P Semester One 2022
Massam, Katharine
Lambert, Catherine Dawn
Church: God’s Polycentric, experimental community Pilgrim Theological College CT/DA/DM2011P/ 8011P Semester One 2022
Thompson, Geoffrey
Flett, John
Christianity's big Ideas Pilgrim Theological College CT1000P / CT1009P / CT8000P / CT8009P Semester One 2022
Thompson, Geoffrey
Children and families ministry Pilgrim Theological College DA1000P / DA8000P Semester One 2022
Barnett, Elizabeth Waldron
Theology of Pastoral Care Pilgrim Theological College DP1500P / DP2500P / DP8500P Semester One 2022
Prior, Randall G.
Living leadership: Managing organisational change faithfully Pilgrim Theological College DP8002P Intensive 1
Byrnes, Jennifer
New Testament Greek A Trinity College AL1000T/ AL8000T / AL1009T / AL8009T Semester One 2022
Porter, Chris
Introducing Biblical Hebrew Trinity College AL1300T / AL8009T/ AL1309T / AL8309T Semester One 2022
Turton, Megan
Study skills for theology Trinity College AR1009T Intensive 1
Understanding Religion in Australian Society Trinity College AR3000T Semester One 2022
Jennings, Mark
Introduction to the Old Testament Trinity College BA1000T/ BA8000T / BA1009T / BA8009T Semester One 2022
Gilmour, Rachelle
Gospel of Matthew Trinity College BN3100T / BN3109T Semester One 2022
Derrenbacker, Robert
Galatians and James: Mission and identity in Early Christianity Trinity College BN3200T / BN9200T / BN3210T / BN9210T / BN3209T / BN9209T Semester One 2022
King, Fergus
Gospel of Luke Trinity College BN3300T/ BN9300T / BN3309T / BN9309T Intensive 1
Derrenbacker, Robert
Women's Authority in the New Testament and Early Church Trinity College BN3810T / BN9310T / BN3319T / BN9219T Semester One 2022
Lee, Dorothy
Crises, controversies & councils: Christianity under construction Trinity College CH1100T / CH8100T / CH1109T / CT8109T Semester One 2022
Lindsay, Mark
Foundations for theological study Trinity College CT1020T / CT8020T / CT1029T / CT8029T Semester One 2022
Kirkland, Scott
Atheism for Christians Trinity College CT3300T / CT9300T / CT3309T / CT9309T Semester One 2022
Mission and leadership for contemporary Australia Trinity College DM3200T / DM3209T / DM9200T / DM9209T Semester One 2022
King, Fergus
Pastoral care in grief and loss Trinity College DP3300T/ DP9300T Intensive 1
Heard, Gary