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Consisting of more than 300,000 volumes, the library houses a number of noteworthy collections and includes significant donations from eminent scholars. Collections of note include the Kierkegaard collection and the largest collection of Jesuitica in Australia.
The collection encompasses a broad range of theological and philosophical scholarship and is particularly strong in biblical studies, systematic and practical theology and church history.
The print collection is complemented by electronic books and journals.

"I recently spent my sabbatical leave engaging in reading and research at the Dalton McCaughey Library. I found the collection of theological books extensive and the library staff warm and helpful. If you are looking for a fruitful way to use your sabbatical, I can’t recommend the Dalton McCaughey Library enough. Thanks again for the wonderful experience."

Rev Dr Bradley Bergfalk
Litchfield, CT USA


The Dalton McCaughey Library was co-founded by the Australian Jesuits and the Victorian and Tasmanian Synod of the Uniting Church in Australia.
Originally the Joint Theological Library, the name honours Fr. William (Bill) Dalton and Rev. Dr. Davis McCaughey, who successfully established the shared library in 1970. The collaboration results in a library that is unique in its ecumenical balance and depth of literature in the Catholic, Protestant and Reformist traditions.


The Dalton McCaughey Library is governed by the DML Executive which is appointed by the owning organisations.
The library is registered as a charity with the ACNC and operates as a stand-alone, not-for-profit organisation serving the communities of the Jesuit Society (Australia & New Zealand Province) and the Uniting Church in Australia (VicTas Synod).
Membership and use of the library is governed by the DML Agreement. Individual memberships are available for purchase.


  • Rebecca Combrink
  • Carlos Lopez
  • Alexander McLean
  • Daniel Hulse
  • Julia Thwaites
  • Volunteers

  • Bronwyn Wallace
  • Lynden Broadstock
  • Hal Cain


The Dalton McCaughey Library is affiliated with the University of Divinity through its designation as the home library for the Pilgrim Theological College and Trinity College Theological School (Melbourne).

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